Green Tomato Chutney

Green Tomato Chutney

Isn’t it always the way, you just settle in and then suddenly ‘Hey! We’re moving!’ (I promise I will update you on this soon!) …And it just so happened that my vegetable garden was flourishing – beans, cherry tomatoes, celery, lettuce, parsley, the list goes on. We ate a lot and gave a lot away, … Continue reading

Vegetables Galore!

Vegies galore

I must apologise for the delay since my last post but I can assure you it hasn’t been for a lack of things to write about! One of my dear friends got married this week and I was privileged to be a bridesmaid. In the last week we’ve had a pre-wedding High Tea and Hens … Continue reading

The Tomatoes…

The tomatoes

When I introduced you to my vegie garden (a couple of posts back), I mentioned the tomatoes that I was eagerly waiting to pick, well here are just a few of them… We have had such an abundance that they have featured in almost every meal some way or another. Even hubby, who isn’t really … Continue reading