Two different looks with velvet.

Velvet cushions

We recently updated our rolled-arm cream couches for a more contemporary look. Our new couches are squarer in shape and are a deep linen colour with a lovely rich linen texture, we are really enjoying them and I think the neutral colour will mean they will work for a long time yet! One thing that … Continue reading

When you damage your tablecloth… make cushions!

Linen cushions

We were very generously given a beautiful linen tablecloth for our wedding and I loved it! Unfortunately however, some freshly squeezed orange juice made it’s way on to our beloved cloth, then reacted with our washing powder only to leave behind some very large and unattractive bleach patches. I couldn’t bring myself to throwing it out, … Continue reading

What a difference a splash of colour makes!

New cushions!

You will remember a few months back in my Ottoman post that I mentioned I had some fabric for making cushions? Well on Sunday I finally managed to make these and complete my ‘couch makeover’. I am so pleased with the result, it really has given the couches a whole new look and brightened up … Continue reading