The best ever Milk and White Chocolate Chip Bikkies

I hope everyone has had a good week! We have 🙂 Yesterday we had a bit of a play date with a couple of girls from our antinatel group and their gorgeous babies. The boys loved playing together and the mums enjoyed chatting over coffee and chocolate chip bikkies. Chocolate chip biscuits are always a … Continue reading


I’m back!… With a White Chocolate Coffee Layer Cake!

White Choc Coffee Layer Cake

It’s been a while, too long in fact, but I’m pleased to say I’m back and the posts will be coming thick and fast as so much has happened in the last 3 months! First things first, I must apologise for my quietness on the blog. The adjustment to parenthood, sleep deprivation and two house … Continue reading

Preserved Figs (and an overdue update).

Oh hello everyone, thanks for your patience since my last update! Since I was last on the blog we’ve moved cities and have settled into our very lovely temporary accommodation, just around the corner from mum and dad 🙂 Hubby is very busy learning his new job and I’ve been trying to balance between resting, … Continue reading

Weekend baking : Crunchy Lemon Muffins

Crunchy Lemon Muffins

These muffins are one of our favourites and are so quick and easy to whip up – a great ‘go-to’ recipe! I made them for the boys on Friday for their weekend hunting trip and they didn’t last long. (See recipe below) Crunchy Lemon Muffins (Alison Holst) 2 cups SR flour 3/4 cup sugar 75g … Continue reading

Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

The sorting has begun! We have transported all our frozen goods and I’ve been cooking up a storm with the things that wouldn’t survive the trip, starting with our blueberries! We have been fortunate enough to not only live just around the corner from an organic blueberry farm, but also to have a neighbour who … Continue reading