Meet Derek

Derek the Deer Head

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new addition to our wee family, Derek. Since finishing our building work and painting our living area, I’ve been looking for a piece of artwork to go above our big couch. I had thought of having 3 white framed pictures in a row but it all seemed a … Continue reading

Reflections and renovations.

Hello everyone! First things first, to the kind person who left such a lovely comment on this post this morning – thank you! The blog has been calling me for a while now and your comment was all I needed to motivate me to reignite Treats and Things for another year 🙂 It always cheers … Continue reading

Home Improvements #1 – Starting with the tiles!!

Well it’s been a week of sickness in our house, little Will has had his first cold and then I quickly followed, and it feels like it has dragged on and on! Poor Hubby and my dear Mum have had to play nurse, babysitter and housekeeper all week, I don’t know what I would do … Continue reading

The nursery

The nursery

Hi all, hope you had a fab weekend! I didn’t think I would say this but we enjoyed the rain, such a relief after a very long dry spell. We also had our first day of antenatel classes on Saturday (yes, a full day of it!) – enjoyable, interesting, a little bit daunting (but not … Continue reading

DIY: Drawers do-up!

The drawers after

We are very quickly discovering that babies are expensive, yes, even babies that aren’t born yet – this is especially the case when it’s your first one! We have tried to be as resourceful as possible as we deck out our nursery, so you could imagine how excited I was when I found out our … Continue reading