Easy Japanese

Easy Japanese Salad

It’s been a busy but good week so far. I’ve been so occupied that in fact, I actually made this meal on Saturday and have only tonight got around to posting it! Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal that could be whipped up mid-week or for something simple on a Saturday, this … Continue reading

Meet Derek

Derek the Deer Head

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new addition to our wee family, Derek. Since finishing our building work and painting our living area, I’ve been looking for a piece of artwork to go above our big couch. I had thought of having 3 white framed pictures in a row but it all seemed a … Continue reading

The best ever Milk and White Chocolate Chip Bikkies

I hope everyone has had a good week! We have 🙂 Yesterday we had a bit of a play date with a couple of girls from our antinatel group and their gorgeous babies. The boys loved playing together and the mums enjoyed chatting over coffee and chocolate chip bikkies. Chocolate chip biscuits are always a … Continue reading

Reflections and renovations.

Hello everyone! First things first, to the kind person who left such a lovely comment on this post this morning – thank you! The blog has been calling me for a while now and your comment was all I needed to motivate me to reignite Treats and Things for another year 🙂 It always cheers … Continue reading