Home Improvements #1 – Starting with the tiles!!

Well it’s been a week of sickness in our house, little Will has had his first cold and then I quickly followed, and it feels like it has dragged on and on! Poor Hubby and my dear Mum have had to play nurse, babysitter and housekeeper all week, I don’t know what I would do without them!

Needless to say I haven’t been overly productive. Last weekend though we did manage to make it out to the Home Show which helped us refine our ideas for our upcoming house renovations (starting with a new bathroom). We also came back inspired to give our tiled floors a new lease of life.

We are fortunate that the house came with nice, relatively new tiles in our kitchen and downstairs second toilet, however terribly stained and unfinished, unsealed grouting distracted from their beauty…

Kitchen Tiles Before

photo 2[11]











I was recently introduced to a product called ‘ Grout Colorant’ by AquaMix. It not only recolours the grout but also seals it, and as it is an Epoxy formula it dries so hard that if you lay it on thick enough it can fill any cracks. So, on a spur of the moment, last Friday at about 8pm, hubby and I decided it would be fun to give it a go (oh how our Friday night’s have changed!). The prep work took a bit longer than we expected (hubby thoroughly scrubbed all the grouting with Sugar Soap), so we didn’t actually get to the fun part until the next day. We spent Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday sitting together on the floor with fine artists paint brushes and painstakingly, with very steady hands, painted all our grouting… and it was totally worth it, it honestly looks like we have retiled our floors! I went for a dark grey/concrete colour which flows well with our charcoal carpets and has changed the tone of our tiles from looking creamy brown, to slate-like. We are so pleased and would highly recommend the product to those who are patient enough to give it a go 🙂


Kitchen Tiles After

Bathroom Tiles After








Stay tuned on ourhome projects… next post – curtains!!

4 Responses to “Home Improvements #1 – Starting with the tiles!!”
  1. rachelmaree says:

    That’s really interesting Annie, I hadn’t heard of that product before. The pics looks great!

  2. Niggy says:

    You and Hubby are inspiring ! Makes me very keen to do ours too.

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