Our new arrival!


Yes it’s been too long since I have written a post, but for a very good reason… 3 weeks ago we welcomed our son, William, into the world! William arrived a week early weighing a healthy 7 pound 2 ounces.

Life has changed hugely as we adjust to being a family of three but we are absolutely loving him! Everyday he surprises with new changes and developments, in the last few days he has become very vocal and really started wriggling. Babies are such miracles!

I will write again very soon, but at the moment this is all my heavy eyelids can manage. We have more changes ahead as we prepare to move into our own home in a weeks time, so stay tuned for updates on this too 🙂

One Response to “Our new arrival!”
  1. Niggy says:

    Wow what a very busy and exciting times you have ! What a lucky boy William is to have such clever parents ! I bet hubby can’t wait to take him hunting!

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