March = Moving Madness!!

There is something about the month of March for us. You may remember that this time last year we moved from the big smoke into the country (see here). It was quite a change for me and it has taken a while to adjust to the rural lifestyle and the quietness, but it has grown on me. Less people.. less traffic… less stress…. Visitors usually meant unexpected farm animals roaming the property and destroying our herbs and vegies, a busy evening for hubby was chopping firewood and an ‘evening out’ means going for a fish or a hunt. I’ve learnt to cook all sorts of cuts of home-kill venison and beef, grow a variety of new vegetables and light a good fire, but most of all I’ve learnt to be content in my own company and appreciate the beauty of nature around me.

Despite the pleasantness of living in the country, when we found out that we were expecting a baby a pang of homesickness went through me. How good would it be to have family and friends living around the corner for support and to share the excitement of the baby? (and need I mention have babysitters on hand), and to have the peace of mind of being near a big hospital with familiar doctors? Gradually I got my head around these things and realised that no matter what all would be fine, one way or another it would all work out. Well it has, and in a totally different way to what we expected…

Hubby has been offered a new role and we have just found out that we are moving back to the big smoke! In 2 weeks!! I am beyond excited (ok,we are a bit shocked by the short timeframe, and a bit stressed by a big house move just 4 weeks before our due date, and we will definitely miss the rural lifestyle and the people we have met), but most of all we are excited!

So that is our news. Please bear with me over the next few weeks as I’m sure with the move and the baby my posts may become a little irregular, but I promise in one way or another, albeit a bit late, I will keep you updated 🙂 Now to start on the packing, dismantling the nursery that we had just set up… oh, and our freezer… there’s no way I’m going to let those frozen organic blueberries get destroyed in the move… blueberry jam here I come!!

One Response to “March = Moving Madness!!”
  1. Becky says:

    Yay exciting news Annie! I’m sure you are so excited to settle ino mama hood with your fam so much closer!!! Hope the moves goes really well! Don’t forget to out those feet up!

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