Separating eggs without the mess!!

There are numerous recipes that call for ‘just whites’ or ‘just yolks’… pavlova, soufflé, meringues and friands are just a few that spring to mind… well today I want to draw to your attention a good old Kiwi invention which I think is really cool, ridiculously good looking and most importantly will make separating eggs so much easier from now on!! I don’t usually do product plugs but I was so excited when I came across this idea that I just had to share it with you!

Yolkr Egg Separator

The Yolkr is the incredible egg yolk separator that enables you to simply ‘suck’ the yolk away from the egg white – how quick and easy is that?! You know longer need to worry about transferring the yolk between cracked egg shells… and the mess, broken yolks and floating shells that go with it. It’s dishwasher safe, easily fits into the palm of your hand (so no problems storing it either) and comes in so many funky colours to suit your kitchen decor.

The young New Zealand entrepreneur who came up with this very cool tool has just successfully completed a campaign on Kickstarter so that he can take the product to market. If you want to be one of the first people to get a Yolkr you can pre-order one here!

Yolkr Egg Separator colours

One Response to “Separating eggs without the mess!!”
  1. Niggy says:

    That looks awesome !! I’m definitely supporting that guy on Kickstarter and getting one ! Such clever people out there !

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