The baby’s room – Bird mobile

The weekend before last we started on the baby’s nursery, I was so excited!! It’s beginning to feel very real now (not that I don’t feel pregnant – the huge belly, the kicks and the hot weather are a constant reminder of that!) but having some baby things set up is a lovely reminder that soon there is going to be a new little person in our house and we will be a family of three.

I will post some photos up of the full nursery in a few weeks (there are still a few things I’m yet to do and get), however I thought I’d share with you the bird mobile I made. I had bought the fabrics for the birds a while ago, when I finally got around to sewing them I really wondered if they were going to be too bright but I continued with the plan – needless to say I am thrilled with the result and they just so happen to perfectly match the bunting made by my very clever mum! The birds are hot glued to a white washed branch that is suspended from the ceiling by a piece of fishing nylon. I have it hanging in the corner of the room above the changing table (this is also a DIY project so I will post about this later), in the hope that the birds will be a pleasant distraction for the baby at nappy changing time…. 😉

Bird Mobile


2 Responses to “The baby’s room – Bird mobile”
  1. Nicki says:

    Love the bird mobile -especially the shape of the birds

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