The baby’s room – Bird mobile

Bird Mobile

The weekend before last we started on the baby’s nursery, I was so excited!! It’s beginning to feel very real now (not that I don’t feel pregnant – the huge belly, the kicks and the hot weather are a constant reminder of that!) but having some baby things set up is a lovely reminder that … Continue reading

Bircher Muesli Goodness!

Anna's Bircher Muesli

You will remember me saying back in this post that I had recently had some delicious bircher muesli while in the Hawkes Bay. I came back home determined to try making my own as it’s a delicious alternative to regular muesli or wintery porridge, but just as filling and if not more tasty! Well, I’ve … Continue reading

Fresh honey straight from the hive…


We watched our neighbour build his beehive, then we watched with interest as he put on his bee keepers suit and transported a whole swarm of bees into the hive. We watched him feed his bees with sugar syrup every day for the first few weeks and daily we observe the bees with fascination as … Continue reading

Sunshine, vineyards and farmers’ markets…

Sunshine, vineyards and farmers' markets.

…this was our weekend in the Hawkes Bay, and needless to say, we enjoyed every moment of it! We stayed in a lovely area of Napier called Ahuriri, just across from the water. Besides our fantastic accommodation there, the other highlight of Ahuriri was the array of boutique shops and restaurants in the area. We went for … Continue reading

A quick vegie garden update…

Fresh Vegetables

Tonight’s harvest… Cauliflower, new potatoes, carrots, beetroot, baby squash, purple beans (that turn green when you cook them, very cool!) and the biggest red onion I have ever seen! I can’t take credit for all of this produce, hubby has taken a great interest in ensuring all the vegies are well cared for and picked … Continue reading