It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Christmas Stockings

This is my favourite time of year; The weather is really starting to warm up, weekends are busy with friends and family get togethers, the recipe books are out as we plan what Christmas treats to bake and as it gets dark outside our living rooms light up as our Christmas trees sparkle.

As we were married just before Christmas last year, we had no ‘Christmassy things’ to our name, we bought our tree (yes it’s a false one, but as real looking as possible!) and spent a minimal amount on decorations, but we didn’t have or buy any stockings. I wanted to start our own little family stocking tradition and so decided to make matching ones for hubby and I. I sketched out a stocking shape on kitchen grease proof paper (great for making patterns by the way!) and put to use the left over fabric I had from other sewing projects.

The main part of the stocking is made from a linen coloured cotton that I had left over from the back of a quilt and you will recognise the trimmings from here. I am thrilled with how our stockings have turned out, they really do just make the house look that little bit more festive and I’m so looking forward to having a third stocking hanging there next year 🙂

Now let’s just hope that our ‘best behaviour’ has been good enough for Father Christmas!!


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