Here it is… the vegie garden!!

Other than leaving our friends and family, one of the hardest things about leaving our last place was leaving our vegetable garden that we had worked so hard on. We have moved to a much cooler climate and our new place didn’t have a garden, though there was PLENTY of space for one!!

So what did we do? We made one! Well, actually, all credit must go to hubby who had the big job of digging up the lawn…

Digging up the gardenOnce the garden had been dug, and the soil turned over, we dug through a lot of compost, then left it to do its thing for a few weeks. After labour weekend when the weather had started to warm up, we got planting! As the climate is cooler down here we  relied very much on our neighbour’s advice for what to plant (he has a great vegie garden!). In the end we planted spinach, lettuce, celery, silverbeet, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, corn, tomatoes, beans and capsicum.

Vegie garden plantedVegie garden planted…and just a month later and we are already enjoying the produce!! (We have learnt our first lesson though: When living down here, always cover your tomatoes and beans with a frost cloth, even if a frost isn’t forecast! Other than that, the rest of it is growing so well!).




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