A quick and tasty mid week meal …

Pumpkin and Lentil Bake

I was truly stumped on what to make for dinner tonight. I was over beef (we just invested in 1/4 of a beast so we have an abundance of it in our freezer!) and I just felt like a night of vegetables. Now, as you probably know, it’s not easy to cook a satisfying vegetarian meal for a non-vegetarian male! I needed a recipe that was tasty and filling…

This pumpkin and lentil bake did just the trick! I was almost able to disguise the fact it had no meat by its close resemblance to a Shepard’s Pie – though I think it was even tastier! I didn’t have silverbeet on hand so I used spinach instead and it worked very well. I also left the skins on the potato (rustic and healthy) and added a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. The walnuts throughout provide a lovely texture and depth to the meal. I highly recommend you try this recipe which you can find here:¬†Pumpkin and Lentil Bake

PS: On a side note, I am very excited to tell you that we finally have a new vegie garden in the making (yes, we are actually digging up the lawn to make one!), so keep an eye out for an update to come soon!


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