Camembert… at long last!

It’s Easter Saturday and the whole family are together at our very cosy holiday cottage, dinner is in the oven and so we’ve sat down with a glass of wine and are about to sample the first camembert proudly homemade by my mum and brother! It has been 8 weeks in the making and has been lovingly put together, carefully turned, wrapped and kept in controlled temperatures while we have patiently waited for it to mature… and today is the day!

My expectations are high as it looks perfect and feels just soft to the touch! We have Mum’s homemade fresh fig chutney to accompany it…

Homemade camembert

Homemade camembert and fresh fig chutney

3 Responses to “Camembert… at long last!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Save the Hindles some 🙂

  2. Therese says:

    Hi Anna, Stella Hindle here! Really enjoyed reading your blog…but I HAVE to know…how was the camembert????? X

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