City girl goes country!

It’s been a while since my last update… packing, movers, motels, boxes and unpacking have been consuming us for the last week, but I can now say our move is officially complete! And no, we haven’t just moved across the city, we’ve truly stepped out of our comfort zone this time – away from the big smoke, traffic and a million other people to a small town in what (at the moment) seems like the middle of nowhere!

Our new little house is a very cosy restored bungalow with a cute little ‘Lady Kitchener’ fire that will be our best friend during winter. We’re on about an acre of land and the only things we hear are the faint sounds of farm animals and the train which goes past every now and then at the bottom of the hill. Hubby is in his element, he can go for a hunt in the evenings after work or pop down to the river for a fly fish. Yesterday, instead of going for a walk, we went for a ‘quad bike ride’ from our house down to the river – oh the novelty of it all!

The change of pace is refreshing but the quietness is taking a while to get used to! Here are a few pictures of our adventure so far….

Firewood arriving

Fresh vegetables from the garden

I’ve already found the local cafe…

Our good ol’ clothes ‘prop’ line

Corn, pumpkin and zucchini grow in the back garden

The river

2 Responses to “City girl goes country!”
  1. Food looks so effortless and rustic. You’re lucky you have access to fresh produce and live a life that so many dream about.

  2. Niggy says:

    What an enviable lifestyle! Hey great photos.

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