What a difference a splash of colour makes!

New cushions!

You will remember a few months back in my Ottoman post that I mentioned I had some fabric for making cushions? Well on Sunday I finally managed to make these and complete my ‘couch makeover’. I am so pleased with the result, it really has given the couches a whole new look and brightened up … Continue reading

Mmmm… Organic Blueberries

Yes, we’ve made a dangerous discovery – a blueberry farm literally 3 minutes walk from our house! You can pick a kilogram of blueberries for just $6 and they’re juicy, sweet and delicious. We’ve already enjoyed them in a batch of Cinnamon Blueberry muffins that we gobbled down over Easter, and tonight, because it’s raining … Continue reading

Camembert… at long last!

Homemade camembert and fresh fig chutney

It’s Easter Saturday and the whole family are together at our very cosy holiday cottage, dinner is in the oven and so we’ve sat down with a glass of wine and are about to sample the first camembert proudly homemade by my mum and brother! It has been 8 weeks in the making and has … Continue reading

City girl goes country!

It’s been a while since my last update… packing, movers, motels, boxes and unpacking have been consuming us for the last week, but I can now say our move is officially complete! And no, we haven’t just moved across the city, we’ve truly stepped out of our comfort zone this time – away from the … Continue reading