Introducing.. the vegie garden!

My mum is a wonderful gardener and has always had a productive vegetable garden, but it wasn’t until very recently – when I attained my own empty garden patch – that I became interested in attempting to grow vegies myself (and I don’t use the words ‘attempting to’ lightly!).

In late September mum and I prepared the ground with plenty of ‘magic mulch’ and left it to do its thing. After a few weeks the ground was full of nutrients and plenty of worms and ready to be planted – in went rocket, 3 different types of lettuce, parsley, coriander, thyme, oregano, celery, beetroot, broad beans, runner beans, broccoli, tomatoes, leeks, strawberries… the list goes on…

The vegie garden

Fast forward a few months, lots of advice from mum, (and a couple of mishaps along the way), and hubby and I are now enjoying an abundance of fresh vegies! Last night it was these runner beans:

Runner beans

I’ll keep you updated on my garden, as it is so exciting and always changing. Right now I have my eye on several cherry tomatoes that are just about to ripen.. mmmmmmn!


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